Garage Door Repair Maplewood

About Us - Garage Door Repair Maplewood

About Us - Garage Door Repair Maplewood

Door springs, cables and other parts that are not properly installed might cause damage or injuries. This is why it is important to get experts when it comes to installation. Having many years under their belt, our technicians have been known to provide quick installation as part of their garage door repair services in Minnesota.

Some of the brands we provide service for: Genie, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain, and more!
Address: Larpenteur Ave
Maplewood, Minnesota
Zip code: 55109
Phone: 651-302-7544

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
Faulty garage doors become a race against time, which is why our service is always prompt and punctual

Perfection is hard to achieve. Perhaps you would wonder why Garage Door Repair Maplewood claims to be perfect in many ways. We can assure you that it wasn't easy. We can also assure you that every time the garage door industry is renewed with novel electric operators, new style remotes, high tech accessories and resistant materials, we have to renew our knowledge as well. So, we are perfect today as far as current needs are concerned. The great thing about us is that we will do the same efforts tomorrow as we did yesterday. We just enjoy our current success but strive to get better and get to know the new products better so that we can be of use to you every time you need experts in garage door services.

Need more information about us? Give us a call at 651-302-7544

About our company in Minnesota

We have efficient professionals for efficient services

How perfect can professionals be? Ours are the epitome of excellence in regard to their behavior, dedication, expertise and knowledge. Nothing comes easy these days with so many demands, products and expectations! We put in a lot of work and make great efforts in order to keep up with everything. We have our good organization on our side and that helps us get things done in a nice way.

Are you wondering whether to call us or not? We can make it easier for you to decide. Here is a small description of who we are:

* We are professionals with expertise in electric garage door service repairs, maintenance and replacement of both parts and doors. We are technicians, who can fix every problem and service every system

* We are quick when customers have trouble with their overhead door, problems with their opener, are dealing with broken garage door springs or have similar urgent issues

* We cover the needs of our clients with speed and make sure their requests are met the best possible way. We offer quality service whatever we do and that's important in our job

* Apart from being good, specialized and quick technicians, we are also responsible and courteous professionals. We are never late, know how to listen and are truthful to our customers

We are an excellent choice because we are an excellent, honest team. Read about the adventure of one of our customers!

“I waved good-morning to my neighbor and he waved back. I watched him pressing his clicker but his garage door didn't close. Mine did. I pressed mine and his door went down. We got out of our cars puzzled. His remote moved my door and mine moved his! Strange! We called Garage Door Repair Maplewood for both garage doors. The technician came later on and said: “Your remote is the neighbor's and the neighbor's is yours”. We talked about it over dinner trying to understand what had happened when my son started laughing “funny, ha?” he said “we thought to play a little prank on you with Frank (the neighbor's son) and we swapped the remotes”.  He was the only one laughing on the table and definitely a week grounded.”

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