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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

We specialize in electric opener maintenance and repairs

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An expert company for openers

We were at some friends' house and the guy went on and on about his new garage door opener as if he was talking about a new Porsche or something. He annoyed me but also got me interested. The following day, I called Garage Door Repair Maplewood. I told them I was interested in new openers. I met with one of the company's contractors later that day and he told me so much about new age electric operators, I finally got a new one. They had it replaced two days later and since then I can't stop talking about it.

Specialists in garage door repairs

I have been using the services of your company for some time now and I am really pleased. It hasn't been a time when the technicians were late or didn't do a good job. On the contrary, they keep surprising me with their knowledge and expertise every time they come for services. My overhead door was kind of old and I need garage door repair services relatively often. The (funny) thing is that the problems get stranger and stranger every time but your technicians always know what to do about them. They are awesome and I like that they are always well-equipped and courteous. My congratulations!

Their spring experience impressed me

It wasn't the first time I was calling Maplewood Garage Door Repair. Though, till now I just needed a normal routine service or help replacing the bottom seal. This time, it was obvious that the problem was bigger. I explained how the door moved and they immediately suspected the garage door springs. The spring problem was confirmed by the technician, who came to my home later. The door wouldn't open right because the springs needed adjustment. It was amazing that they were able to tell me on the phone what was wrong with the door but then again, they have experience.

Great electric opener repair experience

We didn't want to just trust anybody for the service of our electric opener. It was apparent that there was something wrong with the reverse system and we wanted to be sure that the problem would be fixed right since it was related to our safety. We practically checked out many garage door companies but the only one which struck us as a good professional was Garage Door Repair Maplewood. It was an excellent choice. The technician was experienced and completely devoted to the repair task at hand. Not only did he fix the problem but also checked the whole system.

Opener sensors adjusted right away

How scared I got when I saw the overhead door coming down and not stopping in the presence of my cat. I thought my silly pet would move but she froze there till I grabbed her the last minute. I called your company at once and was desperate for immediate service. The person on the phone assured me that someone would be in my house soon and they did send someone fast. The technician just had to adjust the sensors but all the same he checked the balance and force of the door, too. He was great and very professional.

Replaced Our Torsion Springs Fast

“I had Garage Door Repair in Maplewood send out one of their technicians this morning because our insulated garage doors stopped working just when we had to leave the house for work, and the car was stuck inside. Luckily, this service was fast! In less than an hour the technician was here and got to work straight away. He found that one of the torsion springs was broken, and replaced them both to make sure it won't give us any trouble. Really fast and impressive work! This is a great company to call if you need anything fixed ASAP, we'll definitely keep their number close."


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